Sage Energy Spray


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Sage and Crystal Infused Energy Spray. Use for Smudging and Clearing Spaces when Burning White Sage is not preferred. Most requested product!

Product Information

Our most requested product! Sometimes, you'd like to smudge but the smoke bothers you or those around you, or the area to be cleared is just not going to accommodate a full-on burning of a sage bundle. This spray was created for those sensitive to the smoke that occurs with traditional smudging. Spray generously in areas where you would like to clear and remove negativity. Proprietary blend of white sage leaf, crystals and sage essential oil. Larger bottles may be available on request.

Size or Dimensions

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Net. Wt. 2 oz.

Product Details

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Proprietary Blend of White Sage, Crystals and Sage Essential Oils to Smudge/Clear negative energy and spaces.

Special Instructions

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Do not spray in eyes. Not for ingestion.