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You've asked for this and I can't wait to deliver!  I have been designing custom products dependent on the New/Full Moon monthly energy and they have been so popular, I thought I'd offer a subscription service. These energy products will be designed new each month to align with the current collective energies and to support you throughout your intentions.  Monthly bundles may include; ritual candles, crystals, all natural beauty products and other tools and unique handmade goodies that come into alignment with the energies at play.  If all goes well,  I'm hoping to incorporate goods crafted by other artisans with the same integrity, to support local and small businesses like myself. Each month will be a surprise! 
3 Month Subscription will be enrolled for delivery the following month of purchase, and will arrive on a date to incorporate both Full/New Moon energies of that specific month.
(i.e. purchase in Dec., will begin subscription in Jan. HOLIDAY PURCHASES! I am happy to mail out a gift certificate for those subscriptions purchased as a gift. 

Please email for gift subscription details/options.