Chained Agate Slices


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Agate is an incredibly healing, slow frequency crystal used to soothe and aid in concentration. It calms and stabilizes the aura and helps to promote security and safety. 
These pieces are hand drilled and chained using varying weight of jack chain and hooks. Creative design is subject to artisty and availability of agate slices.  Colors, sizes, chain length and fasteners/hooks will be determined per piece and may vary. Email or visit Facebook or Instagram to inquire about availability and preferences.

Size or Dimensions

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Colors, sizes, shapes, chain length and fasteners/hooks determined per piece by artist and may vary.  Pieces photographed are as is. Please visit Sage+Sovereign on Instagram or Facebook to see what is currently available or issue a message to customize a specific color or piece for an additional charge.

Key chains also available for $10.10

Product Details

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Chained Agate Slices for Healing Energy. May be hung in windows, cars, above work spaces, as decor, on belt or key chain to invoke healing properties on our person or spaces.

Special Instructions

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Hang or place in an area where you would like to invoke calming and stable energy, concentration and slow down nervous and rampant vibrations.